Info for Parents

Communication with the School

Omarama School is clear that the most important client is your child and that our task is to provide them with the best learning opportunities. We believe a team approach involving the school, family and the child is the best way of dealing with a problem. Our approach is to seek solutions to a problem together. If you have a problem or query related to your child please make early contact with the school. The sooner we know about things the quicker we can work towards a resolution.

A school newsletter is published regularly and emailed home. The newsletter contains important details about school events, recognition of their achievements and items of educational and local interest.

School Curriculum

Schools in New Zealand are required to have teaching programmes that incorporate the objectives of the New Zealand Curriculum. The curriculum is made up of a vision, values, principles, key competencies and seven essential learning areas – English, Mathematics, Science, Technology, The Arts, Social Science, Health and Physical Education. Schools are required to consult with their communities to define areas of local emphasis in the essential learning areas.

New Students

Prior to enrolling your child on or after their 5th birthday, you and your child are invited to attend pre-entry visits to the junior classroom. Please ring the office six weeks prior to the actual enrolment. We can be very flexible with these visits. School visits aid your child’s transition to school.

On enrolment day, you are asked to bring with you a copy of your child’s birth, immunisation certificates and any relevant medical details and emergency contact numbers. It is helpful if students enrolling from another school have some transfer information and any books from their previous school. Omarama School will request their full records from their last school after enrolment.

School Charter

The charter is Omarama School’s guiding document. It includes our mission statement, aims, objectives, directions and targets. The charter contains longer term strategic goals for students’ achievement and annually updated targets for improved student outcomes.

Parents are formally consulted annually. The results of consultation are given careful consideration by the Board of Trustees when preparing the schools strategic and annual plans.

School Donation

A donation is requested at the beginning of each year. This money is used to help pay for school cultural events including visiting performances.

Accidents and Sickness

All teachers have a current first aid certificate. Minor bumps and bruises are treated at school. In more serious cases you will be contacts as soon as possible so that you can take your child to a family doctor. You are requested to keep the school informed of any change to your contact and emergency numbers. We are not able to care for a sick child for any length of time at school and ask for parents to get them home to bed as soon as possible.

Please keep your child at home if they are unwell to prevent the spread of bugs their classmates and teachers. In the case of more serious infectious childhood diseases please check with the school if you are unsure of when the risk of infection has passed.

Information Technology

Classrooms are equipped with either, iMac, iPad or laptop computers. If you have a device, which your child can use at school, please speak to your teacher to see if it is appropriate for our network.

Reporting to Parents

Initial parent interviews are held in Term 1 to establish a shared understanding of your child’s learning needs and to ensure that there is a good basis for the important relationship between home and school. Reflection journals are sent home before our parent/child/teacher interview in Term 2 and 4 for the senior room. The junior class have interviews depending on how many weeks your child has been at school

The Board of Trustees receives general reports on student achievement as part of its self-review process. These curriculum and achievement reports are included in the board minutes and summaries are published in the school newsletter.

School Uniform

Omarama School has a compulsory school uniform. Second hand uniform pieces are available please contact the office for more information.

Sport Programme

Specialist sport coaches visit the school to work with our children on skills development. The school sports programme is based on the Upper Waitaki Schools annual programme of events.

· Term 1 – Swimming Sports

· Term 2 – Winter Sports

· Term 3 – Skiing, Cross Country

· Term 4 – Athletics

Children involved in netball and rugby are transported to Kurow for practices on Wednesday afternoons during the winter season.

Class Stationery

The school has supplies of stationery available to purchase. These items will be billed to students accounts at the beginning of the term.


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